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Known to produce beautiful and delicate orchestral music, the violin has always been associated with class, elegance, and peace in terms of music. It is known for producing music of varying genres entertaining audiences and inspiring musicians for centuries.

So, whether you are a violin enthusiast or have just started learning the basics of tuning the strings to your liking, we have a range of violins to suit your budget and musical needs. Which is why, if you are planning to buy violin online in Australia, you must go through our range of both premium and beginner violins.

What is a violin?

Brought together to produce great music in the early half of the 16 th century, the violin is a composite chordophone that is known to produce sound with the help of a bow. Violins play a major role in a wide variety of music genres, which includes everything from orchestras to chamber music.

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As a musical instrument, the actual origin of the violin is a bit foggy. However, it is believed that it might have originated somewhere around Central Asia while making its way through the trading routes that connected the East with the West.

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