Top Classical Guitars

Too attracted to the soothing sound of classical guitars that you can’t wait anymore to learn how to play one? Well, we know the feeling. We know how you close your eyes and play your air classical guitar every time you are listening to Fur Elise or Asturias. We know it.

And that’s why we are here with our beautiful range of legendary sounding solid top classical guitars. Offering a smooth, clear and all shades of mellow tone, these classical guitars are perfect for beginner, intermediate and professional levels as well.

So, whether you love creating amazing tunes or are an accomplished guitarist, the solid top classical guitars will simply serve as the best option at a budget price.

What is a classical guitar?

Popular by the name “Spanish Guitar,” classical guitars come with nylon-wrapped metal or nylon strings that flaunt lower tension when compared to steel strings. The construction, shape, as well as engineering tend to vary depending on the guitar type. As time passed by, playing music with the top classical guitars evolved with several musical styles, such as romantic, jazz, as well as flamenco.

Popular in:

The modern-day classical guitars derive its origin from Spain during the latter half of the 19th century. Talking about the cultural references, this particular musical instrument is popular with Baroque Court Music, Folk Songs of 19 th Century, 19 th Century Opera, as well as Music from Latin America. So, bring home this excellent representative of culture at an amazing price tag with a wide variety of options to choose from.

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