Paulownia Electric Guitar Body,Light-Weight,Pre-Drilled/Polished HSST 1910BOP

Paulownia Electric Guitar Body,Light-Weight,Pre-Drilled/Polished HSST 1910BOP


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Paulownia Electric Guitar Body, Light-Weight, Pre-Drilled/Polished HSST 1910BOP

All challenging wood cutting, drilling and shaping is already professionally done.

The body is pre-primed for painting. Add your personal touches and you will have a complete one-of-a-kind guitar Body.



Model:                           HSST 1910BOP

Body Material:               Solid Paulownia Wood

Dimensions:                   445(L) * 320(W) * 40(D) cm

Dimensions for pickups/controllers compartments: Photo 3, 4

Weight:                          900g

Item included:

1 x Timber Electric Guitar DIY Body

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