Leaf L100 All-Mahogany Concert Ukulele,Gloss+10mm Padded Bag-Cosmetic Blemished


Leaf L100 All-Mahogany Concert Ukulele,Gloss+10mm Padded Bag-Cosmetic Blemished

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**This beautiful ukulele has been heavily discounted as some of them(not all of them) has painting faults on the back or sides (such as photo 4). Otherwise, it sounds and plays beautifully-exactly as designed. Thanks!

Leaf Series L100 All-Mahogany Concert Ukulele


Built on the concert style platform and size, the Leaf Series C100 Ukulele features all mahogany body and neck, presenting an unmistakable warm ukulele sound. The rosewood bridge and fretboard provide clear sustain. Custom leaf shape inlays design, dressed in a natural satin finish, the wood’s true beauty comes through and presents a 4-string of incredible beauty and unmatched tone.


Exterior Dimensions:     630mm x 240mm x 80mm

Body Shape:                   Concert

Scale Length:                 380mm

Nut Width                      36mm

F14 Width                     43mm

Frets:                             19

Body                              Mahogany w/3-layer binning, black

Neck                              Mahogany

Fingerboard                   Rosewood w/Leaf shape inlays

Bridge                            Rosewood

Tuners                            Chrome Gear Sealed w/heart shape tune keys

Strings                            4 Standard Ukulele White Nylon Strings

Finish                              Natural Gloss

Included                         Free padded gig bag, 3 picks


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