JUSTPRO Rechargeable 70W Acoustic Guitar/ Mic Amplifier BLACK AC-70S

JUSTPRO Rechargeable 70W Acoustic Guitar/ Mic Amplifier BLACK AC-70S


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JUSTPRO rechargeable 70W Acoustic Guitar/ Mic Amplifier BLACK AC-70S

The AC-70S is truly the solo performer’s amp for all occasions; it has the sound quality, transportability and connectivity to impress in every type of live performance scenario, catering equally well to the requirements of street singers and stage performers.

Outfitted with a pair of 5” speakers, the 70 watt power rating provides enough volume to project your performance to the back wall and beyond. A Microphone Channel and an Instrument Channel, each with their own separate reverb effects, let you position your voice and instrument perfectly together in the mix, whilst a triple-band EQ provides definitive control over the entire frequency spectrum.

The Instrument channel includes further options for sound shaping with the inclusion of a two position EQ switch, selecting between flat frequency response and scooped mids, while the Phase function protects against loss of bass response and unwanted feedback. A built-in chorus effect imbues your sound with further expression, adding width and dimension to your signal, with adjustable rate of modulation.

A combined AUX in/i-Link port enhances your performance options significantly, allowing you to play along with your favourite songs and backing tracks, or import audio from iOS devices. Unbalanced and Balanced outputs provide a choice of routing options, enabling your signal to be sent to a mixing console, DAW or separate amplifier, making the AC-70S at home on the stage or in the studio.

Furthering its credentials as an amp for all occasions, the AC-70S can be positioned three ways; lay it horizontally, stand it vertically or seat it on top of a speaker stand: no matter how small your performance area may be, you can be sure that the AC-70S will never cramp your style.

Gigging on the go is hassle-free thanks to the embedded lithium battery, facilitating up to 4 hours’ playing time, whilst the included 24V AC adaptor provides a source of constant power, as well as quick and simple battery charging. Not only is the AC-70S exceptionally lightweight and easy to transport, it’s sold with a protective carry bag, with padded shoulder straps and useful zipper compartments.

The AC-70S‘ contemporary feature set is complemented by its futuristic appearance, exhibiting a clean-cut white finish with metallic appointments and digital visual displays.

Whether you’re braving the elements to busk a living outside, gracing the stage on the touring circuit, or holed up in the studio recording your next project, the AC-70S has everything you require to deliver a command performance


BATTERY STATUS – Displays current battery charge

BLUETOOTH – Enables Bluetooth for wireless connectivity

MASTER – Controls the overall output volumes

HEADPHONES – Routes all audio to headphone jack for quiet practice

AUX IN/i-LINK – Connect digital device such as MP3 player/phone/tablet/iSO equipment

BALANCED – Audio signal is sent to output directly

UNBALANCED – Output audio will be adjusted by the balance tuner


CH1 Microphone channel 

MIC – Combined XLR and 1/4” instrument jack

VOLUME – Controls the volume of Channel 1

BASS – Controls the Low equalisation of Channel 1

TREBLE – Controls the High equalisation of Channel 1

REVERB – Controls the Reverb Depth of Channel 1

AUX VOL – Controls the Volume of AUX In

CH2 Instruments channel 

INPUT – 1/4” inch instrument jack

NORMAL/V-SHAPE – Chooses between flat EQ response or scooped mids

GAIN – Controls the pre-amp gain of Channel 2

PHASE – Selectable phase switch for eliminating feedback and improved bass response

BASS – Controls the low frequencies of Channel 2

MIDDLE – Controls the middle frequencies of Channel 2

TREBLE – Controls the high frequencies of Channel 2

CHORUS – Controls the speed of the in-built chorus effect

LONG/MEDIUM/SHORT – Selects length of reverb effect

REVERB – Controls the amount of reverb effect on channel 2

Weight: 7.16kg (including bag), 5.58kg (without bag)

Dimensions: W43cm, H19.5cm, D23cm


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