Fretboard Lemon Oil Kit Guitar Neck Cleaner

Fretboard Lemon Oil Kit Guitar Neck Cleaner


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Fretboard Lemon Oil Kit Guitar Neck Cleaner |MIC-13|

 *****This oil is only suitable for unfinished fretboard.*******


  • Item type: Lemon oil + cleaning cloth+ string winder set
  • How to use: First loosen the strings to remove the strings or set them to the sides to fix them. Then use the cleaning cloth to clean the dust on the fingerboard, then pour the lemon oil on the cleaning cloth to wipe it. After the lemon oil is dry, Put the strings back to their position.
  • Capacity: 60ml
  • Uses: Used for guitar fingerboard care to prevent fingerboard cracking
  • Specifications: Musical instrument universal

Package Include:

Guitar fingerboard lemon oil *1, cleaning cloth *1,string winder.

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