Brand New Haze V50RG 50Watt Guitar Amplifier w/Spring Reverb

Brand New Haze V50RG 50Watt Guitar Amplifier w/Spring Reverb


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Haze Guitar Amplifier V50RG
Operation Manual
** Control Functions **
INPUT(2-Way)             :  Connection for instrument
VOLUME(DRIVE)      : Adjusts the overall level/loudness of the overdrive channel 
GAIN                             :  Sets the amount of gain or distortion in the overdrive
                                          Channel higher setting provide additional distortion
SELECT S/W                : Select between ch-1(drive) and ch-2(clean)
VOLUME(CLEAN)      : Setting from zero to full power
HIGH                             :  Provides high frequency equalization as required
MIDDLE                        :  Provides active midrange equalization with boost & cut
LOW                              :  Provides desired amount of bass response
REVERB                       : Adjust the amount of reverb added to the normal signal
DRIVE                           : For connection of a single button footswitch for channel select
SEND                             : Connect from here to the input jack on an external effect unit(this can also be used as a pre-out jack)
HEADPHONE              : Used to connect stereo headphone
                                        Automatically turns off the amplifier speaker 
ON/OFF                        : Turns amplifier on & off
** Specifications **
OUTPUT POWER                : 50W(RMS)
SPEAKER                             : 12(Inch), 8(ohm)     
DIMENSIONS                      : 520(W) X 485(H) X 308(D) mm
AC POWER                          : Shown in the back

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