Belcat SW-200

Belcat SW-200


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New Acoustic wireless sound pickup uses two coiled pickups and allows a great sound including effects. Range is approx 100ft, being ample for any stage. Using a rechargeable battery lasting up to 6 hours with the one charges and there is no need additional holes to be cut or drilled into your guitars body.
1. Wireless system for Acoustic Sound pickup, fit for 40”/41” Acoustic guitar.
2. It displayers battery remains on the installed Lithium-ion battery. LED Red (~5%), LED Green (100%).
3. Connector to charge battery and power LED will be brightened.
4. It selects which pickup among only neck pickup & only bridge pickup.
5. IR sensor is to connected between transmitter automatically.
1. Charge Port: Micro USB
2. Charge Time: 2 Hours
3. Battery Life: 6 Hours
4. Frequency Response: UHF
5. Range of transmission: around 30m
Package Include:
1x Soundhole pickup
1x Receiver
1x Carrying bag
1x Micro USB
1x User manual


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