Belcat Street Box Guitar Amplifier, 15 Watt, Rechargeable,Mic,Reverb,Delay,Chorus,Tremolo


Belcat Street Box Guitar Amplifier, 15 Watt, Rechargeable,Mic,Reverb,Delay,Chorus,Tremolo

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Belcat Street Box Digital Sound Styling Guitar Amplifier, 15 Watt, Rechargeable

** Specifications **

OUTPUT POWER:          RMS 15W(MAX), Min. 8Ω@5% THD, 1KHz


SPEAKER:                      5.25(Inch) *2 Custom Speaker

TUNER:                          C1 (32.7Hz) ~ A5 (880Hz)

AC/DC ADAPTER:       SMPS DC24V 1.2A (Come with the Amp.)

BATTERY:                     Rechargeable, Lithium-ion 18.5V 2200mAh charge current 24V 1A. 1 fully charged for over 4 hours using.

BLUETOOTH:               4.0

DIMENSIONS:              25.5~28(H) * 41 (W) * 22 (D) cm

NET WEIGHT:               7.0kg

Operation Manual

** Control Functions **

1.Power:                           Turns Amplifier ON / OFF

Simulation Selector:      Press to select desired simulated amps.

Save (user memory):     To Save up to 8 section control settings(Bass, Middle, Treble, Effect, DLY/REV)

  1. Turn on power switch
  2. Press button of timbrel simulation to select alphabet space
  3. Set what you want
  4. Press save button(about 2 seconds) after setting

To reset memory

  1. Press “Save” button continuously and hold
  2. Turn on power switch and hold about “Save” button for about 5 seconds
  3. All LED will be blinking by turns, then unpress the button
  4. Turn off power switch and Turn on power again
  5. GAIN:                     Sets the amount of gain or distortion in the overdrive channel, higher setting provide additional distortion
  6. VOLUME: Setting from 0 to full power
  7. TREBLE: Controls the boost and cut of the upper frequency range
  8. MIDDLE:               Controls the boost and cut of the middle frequency range
  9. BASS: Controls the boost and cut of the low frequency range
  10. MODE: Select Digital Signal Processing effects:
  11. CHORUS: Will fatten up the sound of a bass, rhythm guitar, or solo guitar, adds spaciousness
  12. FLANGER: This creates a flanging effect, a sort of spinning sensation with the sound
  13. PHASER: an electronic sound processor used to filter a signal by creating a series of peaks and troughs in the frequency spectrum
  14. TREMOLO: A modulation effect that rhythmically changes the volume of your signal
  15. DEL/REV:              To change the function among “E-ECHO”, “D-DELAY”, “M-DELAY”, “REVERB”
  16. E-ECHO: Changing the level of ECHO
  17. D-DELAY: Changing the time and amount of D-DELAY effects
  18. M-DELAY: Changing the time and amount of M-DELAY effects
  19. REVERB: To adjust the REVERB level
  20. EFFECTS(MODE):            To change the level of MODE function
  21. EFFECTS(DEL/REV): To change the level of DEL/REV function
  22. AUX/BLUETOOTH: Bluetooth input volume settings, from 0 to full power
  23. MIC(VOLUME):Adjust the output volume of the Microphone
  24. MIC(TONE): Adjust the output tone of the Microphone
  25. MIC(ECHO):Adjust the output of the echo sound
  26. BLUETOOTH:                Turns Bluetooth ON / OFF
  27. BASS BOOSTER: Boost a bass sound
  28. MODE SWITCH: 5-Mode sound switch Flat-Rock-Pops-Classic-Jazz
  29. LOW BATTERY:  Fully charged  / Red-à Low battery
  30. HEADPHONES: To connect stereo headphone. When using the headphone jack, the amplifier speaker is disconnected.
  31. AUX IN:                           To connect for accompaniment or other signals, such like CD player, MP3 player…. Non-latching(momentary) Model FST-11
  32. SIMUL FTSW:                 To change Simulation pedal channels
  33. GUITAR INPUT:  To connect with a guitar
  34. CHARGE LED:   The amplifier is being charged
  35. CHARGER:                      Use DC 24V@1.2A adaptor SMPS(come with the amplifier)
  36. MIC INPUT: To connect to microphone

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