Belcat PHS-505 Phaser Effects Pedal,White-225g,110mm(L)* 62mm(W)* 50mm(H)


Belcat PHS-505 Phaser Effects Pedal,White-225g,110mm(L)* 62mm(W)* 50mm(H)

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Belcat PHS-505 Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal

The PHS-505 provides just the amount of the effect that you want to give you that classic Phaser sound!


Input Connector:           1/4’’ TS

Input Impedance:           1MΩ (1 megaohms)

Output Connector:          1/4’’ TS

Output Impedance:         1KΩ less (1 Kohms)

Power Connector:           2.5mm DC Jack

Rate Control:                  100ms ~ 6.35s

Power Supply:                9V (6F22) Battery or DC 9V ADAPTER

Power Consumption:     8.2mA

Connectors:                   Input Jack, Output Jack, DC input

Controls:                       Rate, Depth

Bypass:                          True bypass

Dimension:                    L 110mm X W 62mm X H 50mm (4.33″ X 2.44″ X 1.97′)

Weight:                          225g

Color:                            White

Changing the battery

When indicator LED becomes dim or does not light, it means the battery must be replaced.

 In order to replace battery, please follow step below.

 1) Release the 4 screws on the back side to open it.

 2) Remove old battery and put a new battery in.

 3) Close the cover and screw it.

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