5 String Banjo Guitars

Are you a fan of the classical-cum-traditional sound of the banjo guitar? Are you too amazed by the way its strings make that semi-heavy and semi-sweet sound? Well, if you are, this may be the right time to start.

Our wide range of 5 string banjo guitars is just what you need to go through for picking your new 5 string banjo. With banjo guitars ranging from beginner level to intermediate and then moving to professional level instruments, we have it all. So, whether you are just starting off and trying your hand at the 5 string banjo in NSW, or are a full-time performer, we have the best deals for you.

While a 4 string banjo is great for everything, a 5 stringer with an extra G adds more bass to your playing, unlocking a bunch of new musical opportunities to help you enhance your playing.

So, wait no more. Visit our store and explore. Your perfect 5 string companion is waiting for you.

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