4 String Banjo Guitar

Has the legendary sound of bluegrass music been intriguing you for a long time? Have you been dancing and playing that air-banjo that you wish you had for a long time now? Well, here’s some good news for you.
Our range of budget and premium 4 string banjo guitars in NSW is just what you need to go through. So, whether you are just starting off with learning to play the banjo guitar or are a rocking professional, we have what you need.
Just take a look at our range of 4 string banjo guitars coming in all price ranges to satisfy every beginner and every professional on or off the stage.

What is a 4-String Banjo Guitar?

Developed back in the 1700s, this musical instrument is a part of the long-necked stringed instrument family that comes with 4 strings to produce medium or high volume sound (acoustic).

The music resonates via a hollow body that is attached to the lute, similar to the traditional guitar. Famous musicians that have been known to use this instrument include,Harry Reser, Eddie Peabody, Buddy Wachter, and Charlie Tagawa.

Popular in:

The 4-string banjo guitar, nsw, is a popular instrument in Brazil where it is used during the traditional Samba dance. This particular musical instrument was introduced the very first time by Almir Guineto, a musician who was popular during the latter half of 1970s & the early 1980s.

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