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Are you planning on building a one-man band or looking forward to simply starting off with the bass and an electric acoustic guitar? Well, you are in the right place.

Acoustic Electric Guitar

While an acoustic guitar is a beautiful instrument for playing rhythms with strings, it’s better when amplified. Which is why an acoustic-electric guitar is slightly better than a normal acoustic. So, whenever you want to perform for an audience, you may not have to use two mics, one for your vocals and one for the guitar.

Simply plug your acoustic-electric straight into the amp and brush those chords like you wish to.

Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar

Anyone who loves the bass on strings can’t get enough of playing. We know the feeling. We know how a bass player just craves the moment to be given a moment to solo.

And as you too can’t wait for the moment, here we bring you an acoustic-electric bass to free you from electronics when they aren’t around, and to allow you to max out the bass, tone and volume whenever you get the chance to.

So, wait no more. Check out our great range of acoustic-electric guitars and basses and expand your musical approach and creativity.

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